Who is Unafor

Unafor offers hostile vehicle mitigation for liveable cities.

Discreet Protection through Customised Design

Physical security is an essential part of everyday life in cities. We aim to combine this function in pursuit of creating attractive urban spaces: liveable and safe.

Our goal is to create safe urban spaces without compromising aesthetics and creativity in design. Our innovative certified solutions develop safe urban spaces – site-specific, easy to install and flexible – ensuring that public places in our cities maintain their local charm while protecting against the intrusion of hostile vehicles. 


Our products remove the need for bulky, obtrusive security barriers in cities, effectively allowing urban planners and designers to creatively integrate customised HVM solutions within local landscape design. We replace invasive bollards and barriers, with benches and urban green. 

Our approach

We are design and human-led.

Security and safety are essential to liveable cities – and to us, upholding the highest aesthetic standards is as well. We approach each project by intertwining aspects of security and design. We give cities, planners and architects the freedom to create attractive visual experiences whilst ensuring safety for users and maintaining the charm of cities. Together we identify suitable and beautiful options for hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM).

Vision & Mission

The vision of UNAFOR is to create safe urban spaces through personalised design. The core of our vision is to offer creative solutions for enhancing the liveability of cities, while adhering to international safety certification standards.

Our mission is to create safe urban spaces without compromising aesthetics and creativity in design.


UNAFOR is based on more than 20 years of expertise from Milford. The company that creates liveable cities where people feel happy, healthy and safe. And we happen to be situated in one of the most liveable cities in the world – Copenhagen.

Originally our vision was to use large trees as a way to protect people from vehicles – a green and nature-based solution.

We were increasingly witnessing how our beautiful cities became obstacle courses, where concrete barriers and gates created environments of intimidation for the sake of safety. We don’t believe that cities based on democratic values, should look and feel like a war zone. We believe there are alternatives to living in safe urban spaces, maintaining their local charm and enhancing their vibrancy. We will create projects where people are not even aware of the security features around them.

At Milford a division was formed that focused on ensuring safety in urban spaces, in pursuit of its vision of creating liveable cities. This is where UNAFOR was founded.

Our team

Our head office is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. We operate internationally, so please do get in touch.

We draw on over 20 years experience in the design of urban environments, having worked with leading architects, engineers and municipalities world-wide.

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