About IWA-14-1

An international recognised impact test for vehicle security barriers

IWA 14-1:2013 is the most current and comprehensive standard against which Vehicle  Security Barriers (VSBs) may be tested; consequently, NPSA advocates its use. IWA 14 is an impact test standard that details the process and method of measuring the performance of a particular VSB.

IWA is the International Workshop Agreement and is considered a universal test standard with input from UK and US departments. It identifies the size of vehicle, the test mass, the vehicle speed, the angle and the performance. These measurements are used to determine what solution is most suitable for the location and risk.

For more details visit the NPSA HVM document NPSA rating system explained.

IWA-14-1 Certificate

Impact rated

Group 45

Certified with IWA standard 14-1:2013.
Ratings achieved: V/1500[M1]/48/90:0.0 and V/3500[N1]/48/90:2.8

Unafor Core was tested at Mira testing grounds in the UK. This core is designed to fit inside various items of street furniture that is not structurally significant so as not adversely influence the vehicle impact performance.
During testing the vehicle was entirely disabled and did not penetrate past the structure.
The product is patent pending.

IWA-14-1 Certified Products

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About VADS

VADS is a standard for testing aggressive and repetitive vehicle impacts in accordance with NPSA

The Vehicle Access Delay Standard (VADS) has been developed for testing barriers, mostly used at temporary events. The UK’s Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (NPSA) now also accommodates the test for permanent solutions.

For projects and situations concerned with vehicle borne threats, including vehicle-as-a-weapon attacks, VADS rated Vehicle Security Barriers (VSBs) are not a substitute for IWA 14-1 and PAS 68 barriers. Rather, VADS rated VSBs provide an alternative risk-based option for event managers and other risk owners, that is pragmatic and affordable at the highest levels of protection.


More details about VADS rating can be found on the NPSA site.  (Link to NPSA.gov.uk page)


VADS Certificate

Delay rated

Group 67

Approved VADS Certificate:
NPSA Vehicle Attack Delay Standard

Unafor Edge was tested at the Mira testing site in the UK. Tests were conducted with a N1G vehicle. Further information and results can be obtained by request.


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